Climate Responsive Housing Development for Border Road Organisation’s (BRO) Project

Building Energy Efficiency

: Leh, Ladakh

Client : N K Gupta Builders;

Ended Mar, 2022

People Involved

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Residential Township

Passive Strategies

Active Strategies

ENS Compliance

Building Envelope

Building Energy Efficiency

BRO project comes under the residential township category, located in the Leh district of UT of Ladakh, and is an altitude of 3,524 meters (11,562 ft). The main intent of this project is to reduce internal energy usage (for heating purposes) through the implementation of passive and active strategies in the buildings. All the pockets segment of the site includes different buildings for married accommodations. The project includes a multi-block (G+1 only) residential accommodation for Border Road Organisation’s (BRO) Project Himank, in Choglamsar, Leh. The total built-up area is approx 10,000 sq. ft. This project included an ENS compliance check, building envelope heating simulation analysis, mapping surfacing surface, mapping orientation energy consumption, and coordinating with different stakeholders

The project deliverables include-

  • Eco Niwas Samhita 2021 compliance check for 41 residential blocks.
  • Assisting the early design phase developed to ensure less heating load for all the blocks on site.
  • Performed energy simulation for 10 different building envelopes to ensure the right composition for extreme weather conditions. This includes different building materials available and their outside and inside surface temperature analysis.
  • Plotting hourly data for a clear assessment of the envelope performance during different seasons and mapping the energy consumption simultaneously.
  • Coordinating with different stakeholders in the implementation of the energy efficiency measures.
  • Developed ENS compliance check report for 25 blocks (a few blocks are repetitive), heating load analysis report for all 41 blocks, energy simulation report for 10 different envelope options, and the final report.

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