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Policy Development and Implementation

We support the governmental and non-governmental agencies at local, national, bi-lateral and multi-lateral origins in development, implementation and monitoring of policies, regulations, market transformation activities for inclusive and sustainable development. Our expertise domains include low carbon buildings, sustainable cooling, climate neutral urban development and affordable housing sectors.

Low Carbon Buildings Sustainable Comfort Cooling Sustainable Food Cold Chain Climate Neutral Cities
Kanagaraj Ganesan |

Sustainable Real Estate Development

We offer the integrated project delivery for real estate projects with main focus on sustainability at the building, precinct and city scales. Our experience in this field lies with both Public and Private sector through consulting and management services for real estate development. Both greenfiled and brownfiled projects can be supported with design, analysis, documentation, and implementation & monitoring in the following categories.

Sustainable Design Consulting HVAC Design & Commissioning Green Building Certification Energy & Environmental Auditing
Rajkumar Balasubramaniyan |