• Designing System Level IOT Hardware architecture.
  • Working on different open source IoT Embedded Hardware boards (Arduino, ESP, Raspberry Pi..)
  • PCB hardware schematic and layout design using Altium tool.
  • Using of standard debugging instruments for testing hardware boards.
  • MEMS Sensors chip-level design, fabrication, testing..

Mr Vishnu holding Masters Degree in VLSI and Microsystems from ISRO guided institute IIST, Thiruvananthapuram. At, I2L he is working as IOT Product Development Manger. His expertises are system level IOT hardware design and development for consumer and Industry -level products. Prior experienced in the multiple domains of semiconductor areas like designing MEMS sensors in chip-level to integrating these MEMS sensors into a consumer-level product like smart home security sensors. Full exposure in semiconductor manufacturing clean room at Semi-Conductor Laboratory, Chandigarh. Operating of different fabrication tools and systems for chip-level and product level design, manufacturing, and testing.

Projects Worked:
Developing an IOT Sensor for Smart Home Security ApplicationDeveloping a Micro cantilever based Gas Sensor Design, Fabrication and Optimization of MEMS based vibratory Gyroscope