2000-Watt Smart Cities (2000WSC) India rating of Symbiosis International University

Building Energy Efficiency

: Pune, India

Client : 2000 Watt Smart Cities Association;

Ended 2022

People Involved

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2000 Watt Smart Cities

Rating System

Building Energy Efficiency

Symbiosis International University, Pune (SIU) applied for a 2000-Watt Smart Cities (2000WSC) India Rating system to optimise the entire campus in terms of energy efficiency and reduction of GHGs emissions and high quality of life. The project analysed the areas of energy consumption and supply, buildings in terms of their operational and embodied energy, mobility induced by the campus water, food provision and waste.

The project deliverables for 2000WSC and SIU was-

  • Development of a framework and a manual draft of the rating system.
  • Coordinating with officials for data collection for developing the manual draft manual.
  • Conversion of 2000 Watt Switzerland manual to Indian context taking in reference fromall the local guidelines available (like ECBC, ENS, NBC, IESS, Smart City Guidelines etc)
  • Site documentation for the label certification process
  • Coordinating with different stakeholders to get the apt information for the label
  • Organizing and taking an active part in workshops (both online and offline) and capacity building for all the stakeholders available on campus.
  • Implemented design charrette for the new construction on campus to ensure the construction will be in line with the label requirements.
  • Climatic analysis, Building Energy Performance, Daylight simulation and Embodied energy calculations were conducted in the early design phase to improve the building performance and aim for a net zero building. Symbiosis International University is THE FIRST 2000-WATT-SMART-CITIES CERTIFIED CARBON-NEUTRAL TOWNSHIP PROJECT IN INDIA

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