Impelmentation of Energy Conservation Building Code and Energy Management Information System in the Republic of Iran

Building Energy Efficiency

: Tehran

Client : UNDP Iran;

Ended 2019

People Involved

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energy efficiency codes

building codes

The project focuses on development of policy reforms for improving energy and resource efficiency of built environment in the Republic of Iran. The components of the project included developing Building Energy Efficiency Codes and the implementation mechanisms such as Energy Monitoring and Information Systems for Commercial and Residential buildings in Iran.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Report on stakeholders mapping and functional requirements.
  • Functional specifications for EMIS on BEP/EPC development procedures requirements.
  • TPA accreditation system report
  • Report on National software selection
  • Report on ECBC implementation system
  • Report on tender evaluation
  • Develop operational guidelines for EMIS use
  • Training program for users of EMIS

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