Energy Efficient Design & ECBC Compliance Support for Auditorium Building

Building Energy Efficiency

: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Client : Public Works Department, Karnataka;

Ended Aug, 2016

People Involved

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Building Energy Efficiency


ECBC Compliance


The auditorium is a Ground+1 structure with balcony seating. The auditorium building will function as a recreation hall for various cultural entertainment programs and it will be open for the use of general public. The ground floor of the building is of 950 m2 with seating capacity of 320 persons, while the balcony is of 200 m2 and will accommodate 154 persons. This project is considered as template project and the design will replicated at several sites in Karnataka. IDSPL provided recommendations and implementation of interventions to be adopted in the demonstration building to achieve ECBC compliance related to envelope optimisation, cooling load reduction, HVAC DBR peer review, Renewable energy systems, building energy analysis etc.