Energy and Environmental Audit of UNICEF India Headquarters, New Delhi

Building Energy Efficiency

: New Delhi

Client : UNICEF;

Ended Nov, 2022

People Involved

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Low Carbo Transition

GHG Emission

UNICEF building located in Delhi is aiming at assessing the energy and environmental performance for the entire site and develop a roadmap with a set of recommendations for low carbon transition. Total Built-up area of the buildings is 47,135 sq. ft.

The activities under this audit include ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 assessment of the building, water balancing for the entire site (annually and season wise mapping), waste generation mapping and estimation of different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to energy and environmental parameters. The audit resulted in the quantification of the direct and indirect GHG emissions from operation of the building and the site, detailing out on the operational energy use, water consumption, and waste management. Potential energy conservation & environmental management measures with savings potentital up to 35% have been identified and documented into a roadmap for phase-wise implementation by UNICEF.

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