Analysis of microclimate of the urban forms in New Delhi for Urban Heat Island Impact Assessment

Urban UHI Assessment

: New Delhi

Client : SPA Delhi;

Ended 2023

People Involved

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Rhino Grasshopper


Climate Analysis

This research project involved the estimation of the impact of UHI in the built environment of Delhi using advanced tools like Rhino with Grasshopper and Ladybug addons.

The study involved collection of weather data analysis at micro, meso and macro levels (Site level, Precinct level and City Level) and modelling it using the software tools. The impact of vegetation, water bodies and landscaping were estimated by defining their geometric and thermal properties.

The surface temperature at different levels are visualized using the maps with temperature ranges plotted on them. This study intends to develop GDCR for the city based on the UHI effects and support develop a sustainable built environment.

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