Development of Capacity Building modules on SDG 7 localization in Asia Pacific for the E-learning program of UN ESCAP

Knowledge Dissemination

: International

Client : UN ESCAP;

Ended 2021

People Involved

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Sustainable Cities


SDG 7 localization

Urban Technologies

Urban Sustainability Frameworks

In this project, ESCAP – Energy Foundation Cooperation (EFC) needed support for the implementation of "Promoting Sustainable Energy in the Asia and Pacific Region to support the implementation of SDG7 and the Paris Agreement" and the UN Environment's Cool Coalition with the focus on analysis of cooling needs, demands and efficient and climate friendly solutions in ASEAN region.

IDSPL provided its support providing technical guidance on preparation of provide technical guidance on preparation of the NCAP for Cambodia and Indonesia. IDSPL also performed technical review of the work by Murdoch University on "Mapping Existing Status and Best Practices on Sustainable Cooling: A Scoping review" and Prepared a policy brief on the issues and solutions for sustainable cooling. The team also developed the content for the e-learning program on SDG7 Localisation. IDSPL delivered the policy brief and the finalized content of the e-learning program.

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